A general purpose runtime for JavaScript and WASM.

Simple, unrestrictive, native API.

Scripting should be simple and let you do more with less. Cosmic starts with the V8 engine and adds native APIs to your computer. Here are some APIs we've built and are planning to build.

Sensible, builtin libraries.

On top of the basic native APIs, Cosmic will provide libraries and utilities to do common development tasks:

Developer tools.

Cosmic will provide builtin tools to help you write, maintain, and ship software.

  • Optional security with broad or granular permissions. (Planned)
  • Test runner.
  • Hot code reloading. (Planned)
  • Performance profiling. (Planned)
  • Debug code with Chrome DevTools. (Planned)
  • Bundle apps for the web or native executables. (Planned)
Embrace the good parts of the JS ecosystem.
  • TypeScript support and builtin compiler. (Planned)
  • Import external code using ES6 modules. (Planned)
  • Sync ops by default with async equivalent API.
  • Native async IO.
  • Web Workers. (Planned)
  • WebGPU. (Planned)
  • WASM API. (Planned)
Open source.
  • The runtime and toolkit are built with Zig and quality open source libraries.
  • The JS/WASM engine is powered by Google's V8.
  • Cosmic is on Github and released under the MIT License.
Learn more.

Want to learn more and see examples? Head on over to the docs.